Top 6 Christmas Movies on Netflix

Time flies and Christmas is coming! After a whole-year of hard work, it’s time to get relaxed, chill at home, and watch some movies with your beloved. Here is a recommendation of 6 Netflix movies ranging from comedy to adventure, animation to live action. There’s no obscure plot among these movies, just happiness, and relaxation. If you are looking for a movie that features a holiday spirit, read on and choose one to stream or download!

top 6 christmas movies on netflix

Let's take a look at a list of the 6 best Christmas movies on Netflix. Read on to know more.

Part 1. Top 6 Christmas Movies on Netflix

Here is the recommendation of 6 best Christmas movies on Netflix in 2022. Let's start.

1. Klaus (2019)

Sergio Pablos' holiday film, which received an Oscar nomination for best-animated feature, gives Santa a new origin narrative. It is about an introverted toymaker, voiced by J.K. Simmons, whose unexpected connection with a self-centered postman (Jason Schwartzman) results in a project: delivering toys to local children in the middle of the night. A bitterly divided Norwegian town in the nineteenth century ends up delighted by the act. The story tells us the truth that a simple act of kindness always sparks another one, even in the most frozen and distant place.

2. Falling For Christmas (2022)

This is a cheery, delightful movie that can make you feel the Christmas spirit. And it is also one of two Lindsay Lohan movies that will be available on Netflix exclusively for the following two years. The Lindsay Lohan comeback vehicle is about a hotel heiress who loses her memory because of a skiing accident and is taken into the care of a handsome lodge owner and his daughter as Christmas approaches. The movie is great for watching with your family on a cozy holiday.

3. The Princess Switch (2018)

The Princess Switch (Flim Series) is an American Christmas romantic comedy, including three feature films: The Princess Switch, The Princess Switch: Switched Again, and The Princess Switch 3: Romancing the Star. The Princess Switch trilogy was released exclusively as one of the must-watch Netflix Original Films during the holiday. Stacy DeNovo (Vanessa Hudgens) is an American pastry chef who enters a baking competition during the holiday in the fictional city of Belgravia. There, she meets Lady Margaret Delacourt (also Vanessa Hudgens) and is surprised that they look like twins. Then they swap identities and experience different lives, and realize that their interests are with each other's respective males after switching roles. A set of romance and adventure takes place while these two ladies switch places.

4. The Polar Express (2004)

This fantasy movie tells a story of a young kid who sees a mysterious train halt outside his window and is invited onboard by its conductor on Christmas Eve. The train is headed for the North Pole. The boy travels with a group of kids to visit Santa Claus as he gets ready for Christmas. Affected by his family, the kid is skeptical about the existence of Santa Claus at first, but after the adventure to the north pole, his belief becomes solid. Overall, this is an imaginative and creative CGI-animated film that full of Christmas spirit.

5. Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas (2021)

Shaun the Sheep as a series designed for kids receives applause from adults as well. It is highly rated on some review sites, and it’s absolutely a gem you can’t miss. All it wants to do is make you laugh at Christmas. This 30-minute movie starts with Timmy going missing during a farmhouse raid to get larger stockings for the Flock. It has perfect pacing and wonderful animation, and it’s perfect to watch with young and old.

6. A Boy Called Christmas (2021)

A Boy Called Christmas by Gil Kenan is best enjoyed on Christmas Eve. Young Nikolas (Henry Lawfull) travels north and tries to help his father win the prize when the king (Jim Broadbent) offers a reward in exchange for a sign of hope. And he ends up on an epic journey to an elf-inhabited city of magic with a reindeer and his pet mouse. It is about the roots of the Christmas gifts tradition. You will not only appreciate the beautiful snowy scenery, but also the charming music in this film.

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